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Barnstable, MA Hyannis Harbor Lighthouse water front view

Barnstable, the largest town in Massachusetts situated on Cape Cod by land area, is made up of seven villages: Barnstable Village; Centerville; Cotuit; Hyannis; Marstons Mills; Osterville and West Barnstable. Be it for its serene beaches, historical landmarks or many attractions – this beautiful coastal city has something for everyone to enjoy!

With a vibrant past that dates back to the colonial period, Barnstable is an iconic town in America’s history. Established as early as 1639 and named after England’s Barnstaple, it held immense significance during the Revolutionary War era. Moreover, several renowned figures called this place home at one point or another – most notably John F Kennedy who had his residence in Hyannisport.

Barnstable is a renowned tourist destination, celebrated for its exquisite beaches, quaint villages and abundant cultural sights. There are numerous historic landmarks such as the Sturgis Library and the Barnstable Historical Society Museum to explore; or perhaps you’d like to savor some of nature’s offerings with fishing, boating, or hiking? Art galleries abound alongside theaters & music venues – not to mention delectable seafood restaurants serving up local delicacies!

Exuding charm and historic elegance, Barnstable is a beautiful town with ample opportunities for exploration. From its celebrated attractions to its captivating history, this picturesque destination offers something for everyone to enjoy!


Barnstable, MA is a place like no other. Its seven villages each offer something different and captivating; where you can find everything from charming cottages along the coast to trendy galleries full of art. This town will take your breath away with its unique character that encapsulates all Cape Cod has to offer.

Barnstable is a nature enthusiast’s dream with its dazzling beaches, tranquil harbors, and plentiful bike paths. It also brings together culture and community by offering numerous museums, theaters, and music venues that honor the region’s artistry as well as its heritage. But what makes this town truly special is its resolute dedication to protecting both the area’s natural magnificence and historic landmarks. Therefore, visitors seeking an escape can relax here knowing they will be submerged in authentic Cape Cod simplicity at every turn!


Barnstable, MA is a town steeped in history that dates back to colonial times. It was founded by Reverend Joseph Hull and his settlers in 1639 after the English town of Barnstaple (Devon). The early days of this quaint metropolis were characterized by farming, fishing, as well as whaling – primary industries at the time.

Barnstable played a pivotal role in the American Revolution with its patriotic citizens sending troops to war and hosting several decisive engagements, such as the historic Battle of Falmouth Heights. The town’s commitment for independence was unwavering, ensuring that freedom prevailed at last.

In the 1800s, Barnstable became a desirable destination for both travel and commerce. The opening of the railroad improved transportation to and from town as well as surrounding areas, while whaling provided an additional economic opportunity for its inhabitants. Additionally, visitors were drawn by Barnstable’s captivating geography and mild climate – making it a favorite holiday spot amongst affluent New Englanders.

As the 20th century progressed, Barnstable was continually reshaped and reformatted as tourism increased and the Kennedy family’s Hyannisport summer estate expanded.

Barnstable is an enthusiastic town with a deep-rooted history and community bond. Guests can visit the remarkable sites of Sturgis Library and Barnstable Historical Society Museum, or relish in outdoor activities such as fishing, boating, and hiking! Today more than ever it’s alive with culture that everyone can appreciate.

Geography and Climate:

Located on the westernmost tip of Cape Cod, Barnstable, MA offers a diverse array of New England beauty. From sandy beaches and salt marshes to ponds and forests – all within 60 miles of coastline – this town is home to some truly spectacular scenery. Looking for an unforgettable beach experience? Check out Craigville Beach, Sandy Neck Beach or Dowses Beach! No matter where you turn in Barnstable, awe-inspiring views are guaranteed.

Both tourists and natives alike flock to the beaches for a plethora of activities, including swimming, sunbathing, surfing, kayaking and paddleboarding.

Barnstable enjoys a pleasant humid subtropical climate, with balmy summers and mild winters. Thanks to its position on Cape Cod, temperatures are moderated by the cooling summer sea breezes and warmer winter ocean currents. On average you can expect warm days of around 70°F in summertime and chilly 30°F during winter months – while moderate rainfall is typically seen throughout the year, particularly between Spring and Fall seasons.

Business and Economy:

Barnstable, MA is a town bustling with economic activity and tourism. Due to its gorgeous landscapes, captivating history and alluring architecture, this coastal community lures in millions of travelers annually; making the local hospitality industry – featuring hotels, eateries and more – an integral part of their flourishing economy. Healthcare services plus educational facilities also play key roles in propelling growth while retail establishments round out the area’s diverse spectrum of commerce.

Not only is tourism a driving force in Barnstable’s economy, but healthcare and education are also major employers. Cape Cod Healthcare, an expansive healthcare system with two hospitals and several clinics around the area, has its headquarters here while Cape Cod Community College offers educational opportunities to thousands of students annually.

Barnstable’s retail industry is a key part of the economy, boasting an abundance of shops, boutiques and galleries spread across town. But that’s not all – The Cape Cod Mall situated in Hyannis reigns as the biggest shopping center on Cape Cod and lures shoppers from far and wide to browse its offerings.

Moreover, this location has plenty for businesses centering around transportation needs with multiple highways nearby plus a sizable airport making it convenient for goods or personnel to go in/out easily!

Barnstable’s economy is both strong and diverse, with a range of industries that not only provide jobs to its citizens but also generate economic opportunities for tourists.

Attractions and Activities:

Barnstable, MA is the ideal destination for an exciting adventure with a variety of attractions and activities to explore. Here are just some of what you can do while in town:


Barnstable is home to some of the most beautiful beaches on Cape Cod, including Craigville Beach, Sandy Neck Beach, and Dowses Beach. Visitors can swim, sunbathe, and enjoy a variety of water sports.

Museums and Historic Landmarks:

The town is home to several museums and historic landmarks, including the Sturgis Library, the Barnstable Historical Society Museum, and the Olde Colonial Courthouse.

Outdoor Activities:

Barnstable is a nature lover’s paradise, with miles of scenic bike paths, hiking trails, and nature reserves. Visitors can also go whale watching, fishing, and boating.

Cultural Events:

Barnstable has a strong arts and culture scene, with music festivals, theater productions, and art exhibitions held throughout the year. Some of the most popular events include the Cape Cod Symphony Orchestra’s summer concerts and the Cape Cod Scallop Festival.


Barnstable is home to the Cape Cod Baseball League, a prestigious collegiate summer baseball league. Visitors can attend games and see some of the top college baseball players in the country.

Barnstable is a haven for everyone, from history buffs to sports fanatics and nature-lovers alike. For those who just want to kick back on the beach and relax – you won’t be disappointed either!

Dining and Shopping:

Whether you’re a local or just visiting, Barnstable, MA has something for everyone when it comes to dining and shopping. Take advantage of these notable attractions:


  1. The Barnstable Restaurant and Tavern: This classic New England restaurant serves fresh seafood, steak, and pub fare in a cozy, historic setting.
  2. Black Cat Tavern: Located on the Hyannis Harbor, this seafood restaurant offers stunning waterfront views and fresh, local seafood dishes.
  3. The Dolphin Restaurant: A popular spot for fine dining, the Dolphin offers a menu of creative dishes made with local ingredients.


  1. Cape Cod Mall: This large shopping center in Hyannis has over 80 stores, including national chains such as Macy’s, Target, and Best Buy.
  2. Main Street, Hyannis: This charming shopping district is lined with boutiques, galleries, and souvenir shops, offering a variety of unique gifts and souvenirs.
  3. Cape Cod Beer: This local brewery offers a gift shop where visitors can purchase craft beer, brewery merchandise, and souvenirs.

Farmers’ Markets:

  1. Barnstable Village Farmers’ Market: Held on Thursdays during the summer, this market offers locally grown produce, fresh seafood, and artisanal goods.
  2. Hyannis Farmers’ Market: Held on Wednesdays during the summer, this market offers a variety of fresh produce, baked goods, and crafts.

Barnstable offers a vibrant culinary and shopping atmosphere, featuring an array of classic New England cuisine alongside contemporary boutiques and craft breweries.

Real Estate and Living:

For those seeking to be surrounded by the natural beauty of Cape Cod, a small- town vibe and plenty of amenities, Barnstable MA is an ideal place to call home.

To further explore this quaint New England town, here are some facts about real estate and living in Barnstable:

Real Estate:

  1. Housing prices in Barnstable are higher than the national average, reflecting the town’s desirability and limited supply of homes.
  2. The most popular types of homes in Barnstable are single-family homes and townhouses, although there are also condos and apartments available.
  3. The median home value in Barnstable is around $500,000, although prices can vary widely depending on the location and type of property.


  1. Barnstable is home to around 45,000 residents, and the town has a small- town feel with a strong sense of community.
  2. The town is known for its excellent schools, with several highly rated public and private schools located within its borders.
  3. There are many opportunities for outdoor recreation in Barnstable, including beaches, parks, and nature reserves.
  4. The town has a thriving arts and culture scene, with museums, theaters, and galleries located throughout the area.
  5. Barnstable is also home to several major healthcare providers, making it an attractive place to live for those in the healthcare industry.

Those who call Barnstable home often enjoy a top-notch quality of life, as well as access to its stunning natural beauty, cultural amenities and strong community spirit. Sure, housing prices are higher than other places but the advantages associated with this town more than make up for it in most people’s eyes.

Education and Employment:

From opportunities for higher education to the job market, Barnstable, MA has something for everyone! Here’s what you should know about this vibrant community when it comes to employment and educational options:


  1. Barnstable is home to several highly rated public and private schools, including Barnstable High School, which has been recognized as a National Blue Ribbon School.
  2. The town is also home to Cape Cod Community College, which offers a variety of associate’s degree programs and certificate programs.
  3. There are several private schools in the area as well, including St. Francis Xavier Preparatory School and Cape Cod Academy.


  1. Barnstable has a diverse economy with job opportunities in healthcare, education, retail, hospitality, and more.
  2. The largest employers in the area include Cape Cod Healthcare, Cape Cod Community College, and Barnstable Public Schools.
  3. There are also many small businesses i n the area, including restaurants, boutiques, and galleries.

Barnstable offers a plethora of educational options for students and adults alike, in addition to an ever-expanding job market. This Cape Cod town is teeming with potential career paths, including the healthcare, education, and hospitality industries. If you’re looking for opportunity and growth, Barnstable’s the place to be!


When visiting Barnstable, MA, the most reliable modes of transportation are cars and buses – public transit options here are scarce. Nevertheless, there a few essential points to keep in mind:

  1. Cars are the most common mode of transportation in Barnstable, and most residents rely on their own vehicles to get around. There are several major highways that run through the area, including Route 6, which runs along the northern coast of Cape Cod.
  2. Buses are available through the Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority (CCRTA), which operates several routes throughout the town and the Cape Cod region. CCRTA also offers paratransit services for residents with disabilities.
  3. There are several taxi and ride-sharing services available in the area, including Uber and Lyft.
  4. Barnstable Municipal Airport, also known as the Cape Cod Airport, is located in Hyannis and offers commercial and private flights. Logan International Airport in Boston is also accessible by car or bus.

Barnstable’s main mode of transportation is largely car-dependent, but the Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority (CCRTA) offers viable public transit choices. And better yet, its central location on Cape Cod makes it an optimal starting point for discovering the area either by private or public transport!

Community and Events:

Experiencing the values of history, natural resources, and culture is an integral part of Barnstable’s community. Every year we give thanks to our tight-knit hometown by taking part in a plethora of events and gatherings that celebrate our way of life. Listed below are just some examples:

  1. Barnstable Village Stroll – This event takes place in December and is a festive celebration of the holiday season. The village is decorated with lights and decorations, and there are music performances, craft fairs, and other activities for all ages.
  2. Cape Cod Maritime Festival – This annual festival takes place in June and celebrates the maritime history and culture of Cape Cod. There are boat tours, music performances, and other family-friendly activities.
  3. Barnstable County Fair – Held in July, the county fair is a popular event that features carnival rides, games, food vendors, and agricultural exhibits.
  4. Hyannis Summer Concert Series – Every summer, the town of Barnstable hosts a free concert series in the Hyannis Village Green. The series features a variety of musical genres and is a popular event for residents and visitors alike.
  5. Barnstable Farmers Market – The Barnstable Farmers Market is held every Thursday from June to September and features local produce, baked goods, and other artisanal products.

Barnstable is a vibrant town that eagerly celebrates its historical roots and breathtaking natural beauty through an abundance of events and community gatherings throughout the year. Residents possess an unshakeable bond to their beloved hometown, making it truly special in every sense.


Barnstable, MA is devoted to promoting sustainability and has implemented numerous initiatives that are not only beneficial for the environment but also improve community health. Examples of what has been done include:

  1. Renewable energy: The town has installed solar panels on several municipal buildings and has invested in wind turbines to generate clean energy.
  2. Recycling: Barnstable has a robust recycling program and encourages residents to recycle as much as possible. The town has also implemented a food waste program, which diverts organic waste from landfills.
  3. Open space preservation: The town has set aside several areas for open space preservation, including parks, trails, and wildlife sanctuaries. This helps to protect natural habitats and supports local biodiversity.
  4. Alternative transportation: Barnstable has implemented bike lanes and encourages the use of public transportation to reduce reliance on cars.
  5. Environmental education: The town offers several educational programs for residents, including workshops on composting, energy conservation, and sustainable living.

Barnstable is a community that values its picturesque and abundant resources, so much so that it has taken active measures to reduce its environmental impact. By doing this, the town of Barnstable projects their dedication to sustainability across all levels.

Places To See and Things To Do:

From its stunning shoreline to the vast array of attractions, Barnstable, MA promises an unforgettable experience. If you’re wondering what adventures await in this captivating coastal city, here are some top recommendations:

  1. Sandy Neck Beach – This beautiful beach is located on the northern coast of Cape Cod and is a popular destination for swimming, sunbathing, and hiking.
  2. Hyannis Harbor – Hyannis Harbor is a bustling port with many shops, restaurants, and boat tours. Visitors can take a ferry to the nearby islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket.
  3. Cape Cod Museum of Natural History – This museum features exhibits on the natural history of Cape Cod, including local wildlife, geology, and ecology.
  4. Cape Cod Potato Chips Factory – Visitors can take a tour of the Cape Cod Potato Chips Factory, where they can see how the chips are made and sample different flavors.
  5. Barnstable Village – Barnstable Village is a historic district with many antique shops, galleries, and restaurants. Visitors can also tour the Sturgis Library, which is the oldest library building in the United States.
  6. Whale Watching – There are several companies in Barnstable that offer whale watching tours, where visitors can see humpback whales, fin whales, and other marine life.
  7. Cape Cod Rail Trail – The Cape Cod Rail Trail is a scenic bike path that runs through Barnstable and other towns on the Cape. It’s a great way to explore the area and enjoy the natural beauty of Cape Cod.

Barnstable, MA is a wonderful coastal town teeming with activities and attractions for all ages. From natural spectacles to historical landmarks, there’s no shortage of places to explore in this enchanting area. So come take advantage of the many things to do here–you won’t regret it!

Healthcare Options:

Residents and visitors of Barnstable, MA can rest assured knowing that there is a wealth of healthcare options available to them. From local hospitals and clinics to specialized medical practices, the area offers an array of treatments for all health-related needs. Here’s just a sample:

  1. Cape Cod Hospital – Cape Cod Hospital is a 259-bed hospital that provides a wide range of medical services, including emergency care, surgery, oncology, and cardiology.
  2. Barnstable Family Health Center – The Barnstable Family Health Center is a primary care clinic that provides comprehensive medical services, including pediatrics, internal medicine, and women’s health.
  3. Urgent Care of Cape Cod – Urgent Care of Cape Cod is an urgent care clinic that provides walk-in medical care for non-emergency conditions, such as cuts, sprains, and infections.
  4. VNA of Cape Cod – The Visiting Nurse Association of Cape Cod provides home health services, including nursing care, rehabilitation, and hospice care.
  5. Mental Health Association of Cape Cod – The Mental Health Association of Cape Cod provides mental health services, including counseling, support groups, and education.

In addition to these healthcare options, Barnstable also has many specialists and medical practices that serve the community. Residents and visitors can find high-quality medical care close to home in Barnstable.


In Barnstable, MA you can discover the perfect balance of coastal charm and unique experiences. Enjoy nature’s breathtaking beauty in its beaches and parks or explore a variety of culture-rich shops, restaurants, and museums. There is something here for everyone making it an irresistible destination to visit!

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