Auto Insurance Insures Peace of Mind

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Auto insurance insures peace of mind. Get the most insurance possible BEFORE an accident occurs.

Auto insurance insures peace of mind. The greatest advice that Attorney Steven T. Snow asserts is, “A best practice is to buy as much insurance as you can.”  Most insurance companies will offer you coverage for the vehicle, which is the most expensive part of the policy.  What insurance companies often don’t promote is the coverage needed to protect the people in the vehicle. And this coverage, that protects the driver and passengers, is generally much less expensive than the other coverages. In other words, it’s the least expensive part of the policy but most importantly, it’s the coverage an attorney can use to help you recover financially, Again, the cost is minimal but the results exponential.

5 Guidelines for Purchasing Auto Insurance

If you have any assets, or family members that you are worried about protecting if you’re involved in an accident, here are 5 guidelines to follow when purchasing insurance coverage for your vehicle:

  1. Base decisions on cost per coverage, not total cost of policy.
  2. Fully understand your auto policy coverage and limits (READ YOUR POLICY).
  3. Purchase insurance from a trusted, local agent with an excellent reputation/reviews.
  4. Research the insurance company’s claim process/payout percentage.
  5. Don’t ever be late paying your insurance premium.

Shop around with local Massachusetts insurance agents with whom you can establish a personal relationship. National companies may ‘claim the best price’ but when it comes to ‘processing your claim’, you may be last in line with no bottom line.  A local resource has a reputation to preserve and should work to have your best interests at heart. They’ll explain the difference and importance of compulsory insurance and optional insurance.  They’ll inform you about having increased levels of coverage, over the Massachusetts compulsory limits, because this dictates the limits of bodily injury caused by an uninsured and/or underinsured auto (the coverage that protects the people vs. the vehicle). You’ll have options to increase medical payments coverage that offsets your health care insurance.  It may seem daunting, but it’s the best prevention you can take because at some point in your driving life, you’ll likely be involved in some type of accident.

Attorney Snow advises clients to, “carry auto insurance that will financially protect yourselves and others in your vehicle. Consider buying uninsured/underinsured coverage of $250,000/$500,000 so you can have peace of mind if and when this happens.”

Contact Attorney Steven T. Snow for a complimentary consultation to review your existing insurance policy. Doing this could save your life!


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