Snow Day Gone Bad

Car driving on snow field

Teenagers, cars and snow are a recipe for disaster as evidenced by another calamity in Centerville during one the latest series of Nor’easter storms.  ‘Boys will be boys’ is evidenced when a pack of 17-year-olds decided to tie a sled to the back of one of their parent’s SUVs and pull each other around the neighborhood. Two of the boys’ parents were aware of the antics, provided the vehicle and filmed the tomfoolery – most likely for viral posting on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram. “The idea to sled behind a vehicle shows a serious lack of judgment,” claims Cape Cod Car Accident Lawyer Steven T. Snow.

Though they weren’t driving excessively fast, some of the roads were glazed with slick ice. The fun all came to an end when one of the boys lost control on the ice, slid off the road and collided with a tree. Stunned, the parents and other boys rushed over to see if the boy was hurt. Although his injuries did not appear to be major, he was considerably shaken, and an ambulance was called to err on the side of caution.

Despite the boy’s ability to engage in seemingly normal conversation with the police and EMT’s, he was diagnosed with a minor concussion and taken to the Trauma Center at South Shore Hospital in Weymouth. Further investigation revealed he had minor fractures on his vertebrae in the lower lumbar spine.  Fortunately, he recovered quickly and there were no legal ramifications.


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