Building Your Case

Why Choose Attorney Steven T. Snow?

Because when your future is on the line, you need an attorney who knows how to win.

Attorney Snow was a member of the legal team that obtained the largest personal injury award – a multi-million dollar jury verdict – in the history of the Barnstable County Superior Court.

Before he started his own personal injury firm, Attorney Snow was on the other side; representing insurance companies. Attorney Snow has an established reputation of taking cases to trial because, insurance companies will not pay top dollar for your case until they are convinced your lawyer is capable of securing a verdict on your behalf.

Building Your Case

Personal injury attorneys work almost exclusively with a contingency fee model, which means they receive no money unless they secure financial compensation for their client. Because of this, many attorneys will make a judgement call based on a quick conversation with a potential client as to whether or not they’ll accept the case.  In many instances, if the claim doesn’t appear to be fairly certain to have a favorable and expeditious outcome, an attorney may indicate that he/she will not take your case.

Since establishing his Cape Cod law firm in 2004, Attorney Steven T. Snow has shown a willingness to invest resources, in the form of both his time and the money, to build your case. This ensures that if your personal injury or wrongful death claim merits financial compensation, you’ll get what your entitled to.

During an initial consultation, Attorney Snow will take the time to really listen to your personal account of the incident. With 30 years of experience in handling personal injury claims, Steven Snow is adept at asking the questions that will allow him to fully understand the circumstances which led to your injury. If he determines that there is the possibility of proving the liability of another party in causing your injury, he’ll begin to build your case.

If you were injured in an accident, Attorney Snow will demand information from both your, and the potentially at-fault insurance company and carefully reviews them.  If the police were involved, he’ll also request and review the police report, damage appraisals and available photographs.

The next step in building your case may involve engaging a liability expert. For example, an accident reconstructionist such as the one seen in the corresponding photos, to prove liability in a car crash claim.  Once liability is established ‘expert opinion’ from a doctor, a vocational consultant and an economist may be needed to prove damages. Attorney Snow may bring in an accident reconstruction expert.  By employing experts, Attorney Snow ensures that he has fully documented all of the liability and damage elements of your claim.

Insurance Company Defense Has Its Benefits

Because Attorney Snow continues to work for insurance companies representing their insureds in litigation, he understands how they value injury or death claims, how they maneuver to limit or avoid liability and what they will pay to resolve a claim.

If an insurance company’s client is undeniably at fault, they will, in many cases, offer a settlement. While some attorneys may view an offer of a settlement as a case having then been successfully completed, Attorney Snow views it as the beginning of the settlement phase in a personal injury case. If your injuries warrant a higher settlement, he will request mediation or arbitration. And, if an insurance company fails to provide a sufficient settlement amount, he will take your case to trial to pursue the maximum compensation available, and get you your BEST POSSIBLE RESULT.

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Prior to proceeding to the accident scene Attorney Snow reviews police reports with an internationally-known accident reconstruction expert.
Prior to proceeding to the accident scene Attorney Snow reviews police reports with an internationally-known accident reconstruction expert.
Falmouth Car Accident Attorney Steven T. Snow hires expert car crash reconstuctionist
The accident expert compares the photos to the actual scene to determine exactly where each car was when the auto accident occurred.
osterville car accident attorney steven t. snow
After discussing initial conclusions on-scene, a detailed written report is provided which will assist in gaining the maximum available compensation