Osterville Car Accident Lawyer


When Osterville Car Accident Attorney Steven T. Snow is contacted by a client, he leaves no stone unturned, EVER. With over two and half decades of solid success going to trial for personal injury, he knows exactly what to do to help his clients recover financially from an accident. Competent skill and expertise as a courtroom lawyer puts his clients in a better position to obtain the best possible results, not just a settlement.

osterville car accident attorney steven t. snow 

No Holds Barred. Settle or Trial?

The time, interest, effort and strategy a lawyer puts into a case differs dramatically from one attorney to the other. Not all attorneys are experienced in the courtroom before a judge and/or jury, but Attorney Steven Snow is, and it’s his ultimate weapon if an insurance company will not meet his demands.  If you’ve been put in harm’s way by the negligence of another, you wouldn’t want your attorney to accept anything less than you deserve in a settlement of your case.

As demonstrated in the following case, clients that work with Steven T. Snow, Esq., understand his techniques require significant planning and preparation. The top three things he routinely does are:

  1. Hire Experts
    Attorney Snow hires experts to support and enhance his case outcomes. These may include but are not limited to hiring an accident reconstructionist, medical and/or vocational expert, forensic accountant or other industry specific experts depending on the type of case.
  2. Conduct Focus Groups (mock trials)
    He is one of only two attorneys in Massachusetts to employ the concept of focus groups. These focus groups allow Attorney Snow to refine his presentation before a group of participants acting in the role of “jurors”.  Attorney Snow says, “I want to practice presenting the case and get as much feedback as possible. Doing a focus group(s) for the case will tell you what you didn’t think you needed to know.”  Assessment of every aspect and detail of the case is the kind of preparation Attorney Snow is known for and is the reason why he obtains the best possible outcomes for his clients.
  1. Ready When Called
    As a result of his meticulous preparation, Attorney Snow will have amassed all of the documents, files, paperwork and witnesses he will need to present at trial well in advance of the trial date.   This type of thorough preparation allows him to negotiate with confidence and authority with insurance companies as he is ready to take it to the final steps if he does not get what he wants.

Osterville Crash Yields Best Possible Result

A 51 year old Osterville man was involved in a serious crash with a truck that left him unable to return to work. This one accident resulted in numerous and constant visits to doctors, hospitals and pain clinics with medical expenses of almost $140,000, and a lien by his health care provider. All unplanned, all devastating, all irreversible. READ MORE