Cape Cod Moped Accident Lawyer

Cape Cod Moped Accident Lawyer

Results – When It Matter Most To You

Generally, the people who rent mopeds for a few hours during the day while visiting the Cape and Islands (Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket) have little experience operating them and avoiding collisions. In addition, many of the people driving cars on the Islands are tourists as well, are unfamiliar with the local roadways and are responsible for causing the ensuing collisions. 

Injuries sustained in a moped accident can be devastating and affect you for years to come.  When another driver negligently breaches the duty of care owed to safely operate a motor vehicle, you have the right to seek damages and should hire the Snow Law Firm.  

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What Makes The Snow Law Firm Different

Attorney Snow focuses on understanding you and your situation.  He spends the time to thoroughly review your case and will devote the financial resources – both man hours and money – necessary to properly litigate your injury claim.

You need a lawyer who knows the challenges ahead of you, is willing to go the extra mile, and will successfully deliver results when it matters most to you.

Because of his prior experience representing people injured in moped accidents, Attorney Snow has developed working relationships with:

  • Trauma surgeons
  • Orthopedic physicians
  • Neurosurgeons
  • Pain management specialists
  • Other medical practitioners

These providers generate expert medical disclosures and render trial testimony necessary to secure meaningful settlements, awards and jury verdicts.  

At trial, Attorney Snow regularly submits into evidence physician narrative reports which cite to:

  • The American Medical Association Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment
  • The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Life Expectancy Tables

These recognized publications demonstrate the nature and extent of your injuries, and how long you will be forced to endure the effects of any injury, permanent partial disability, or permanency of injury.  Introducing this information into evidence enables jurors to determine the proper award of damages to which you are entitled to receive.     

The Snow Law Firm has over 30 years of experience handling moped crash claims and a proven history of achieving lucrative results for clients.  Unlike insurance companies that view your case as simply one of many claims, we realize that the outcome of your case has a direct impact on your financial livelihood.  Successfully representing you, is our only concern and we are committed to doing just that.

Attorney Snow was a member of the legal team that obtained the largest personal injury award in the history of Barnstable County – a multimillion-dollar jury verdict – and has since obtained many other high-value settlements on behalf of clients just like you. 

Facts About Mopeds

The Massachusetts state legal documentation calls them “motorized bicycles,” defined as lightweight, smaller vehicles powered either by a gas engine, electrical battery, or pedaling. Cape and Island moped owners say they are a fun way to get around town, easy to park, and inexpensive to maintain.

However, when a moped driver has a collision, there is minimal protection between them and the concrete, other vehicles, and/or fixed objects.

In everyday language, “moped” and “scooter” are used to mean the same thing. It’s important to understand that they are looked at differently under Massachusetts law. Each has separate rules for registering, licensing, and even minimum insurance requirements.

On the Cape and Islands, uninsured moped operators and their passengers can collect damages from the operator responsible for causing the accident. This is true even if you declined insurance at the time of rental.

Legal Moped Requirements on Cape Cod

  • Automatic transmission only
  • A maximum speed of 30 mph
  • Must meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards
  • Must have a unique Vehicle Identification Number
  • Must have a license plate on the rear
  • Must have a valid registration sticker on the moped
  • Operators must be at least 16 years old
  • Operators must have a license or learner’s permit
  • Operators must follow all traffic regulations
  • Must not travel faster than 25 mph
  • Must not drive on freeways
  • Must wear a helmet that meets minimum safety standards
  • Any passenger must also wear such a helmet
  • Not allowed on off-street recreational bike paths

There are two ways moped operators can operate their vehicles differently than other cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

  • Mopeds can legally pass vehicles on the right
  • Moped operators must make a hand signal when stopping or turning
  • Mopeds can be driven in bicycle lanes

Another difference between mopeds and other motor vehicles is how much it costs to settle a citation. Moped fines cost a lot less:

  • $25 for the first offense
  • $25-$50 for a second offense
  • $100 maximum for third and subsequent offenses

Accidents are where it can get costly.

Massachusetts Moped Insurance

On the Cape and Islands, mopeds are not required to have the same insurance as other vehicles. However, it’s wise to secure coverage, so you’re not liable for potentially massive financial responsibility in the event of a crash. It’s wise to secure insurance that pays if you are at fault as well as additional coverage in case the other person is not insured.

Moped insurance usually costs less than motorcycle insurance and provides about the same amount of protection.

Usually, moped insurance includes:

  • Bodily injury and property damage liability. The word liability here means you are liable or at fault. It pays for damages to property and for injuries to other people. It can also cover your legal defense costs.
  • Comprehensive coverage. If your moped is stolen, lost, or damaged, this coverage pays to make it right. There is usually a deductible to be met by you first.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured motorist coverage). Like we talked about before, this pays if the other driver is at fault and has either no insurance or not enough insurance for all the damages.

When assessing fault for a moped accident in Massachusetts, the law has something called comparative negligence. This means you are entitled to compensation for a moped injury as long as you aren’t more to blame for causing the crash than the other person.

No Fee Unless We Successfully Resolve Your Case

Attorney Snow takes moped accident cases on a contingency-fee basis. This means he does not receive a fee unless he successfully secures a settlement, award, or jury verdict on your behalf.  You will not have to pay any upfront costs and will not be charged for out-of-pocket expenses until your case is resolved. 

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